Performing music and collaborating with artists is a love of mine. I have been performing as a guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist professionally for the past 6 years allowing me to tour consistently in Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia.  I play in a variety of styles such as Jazz/Blues, Hip-Hop, Rock, Roots/Folk, Classical/Contemporary, and Reggae. These projects have brought me to many notable stages such as Roy Thompson Hall, Celebration Square Mississauga, and the Art Gallery of Ontario, as well as festivals such as NXNE, CMW, Friendship Festival, Wild Mountain Festival and Bendigo Blues & Roots.  I have shared the stage with Sloan, Whitehorse, Elliot Brood, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, Tom Wilson, Joel Plaskett, Ridley Bent, Jon B., The Sam Willows, Lakeside, Midnight Star, Al Hudson, Jon B., Fresh Kils, Ain’t No Love, Ascot Royals, The Jerry Cans, The Screaming Jets, Paul Dempsey, Yirrmal, Bashar Murad, Basia Bulat, and Geoff Achison.  Being a performing musician has given me the great pleasure of playing and collaborating with musicians and artists from all over the world.

Past and present artists/projects:

Tennyson King


Sarah Burton

Guitarist for Texas Roots/Rock artist.

GildedLive: Living Art & Music

Composer, Pianist & Guitarist for Toronto’s Live Art & Music project.

Bashar Murad (Palestine)

Guitarist for Palestinian Singer-Songwriter. LISTEN


Guitarist/Vocalist for Toronto’s Jazz/Pop/Rock cover band.

Julie Neff

Pianist & Guitarist for Toronto Singer-Songwriter.

The Sam Willows (Singapore) & Vibonics (Toronto)

Guitarist for the collaboration of two songs recorded and performed live in Toronto.


Principle Songwriter & Guitarist for Toronto’s Hip-Hop-Rock Band.

Sheldon Holder

Guitarist for international Reggae/Rock Artist.


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