When making a record, album, EP, LP, or just recording songs.  The Producer oversees the project and essentially “makes it happen.”

Working as a Producer for me is the joy and satisfaction of bringing an artists music to life on record.  It’s one of the many ways artists can share their music with the world and it is a process that requires much care.  As a Producer I take time to get to know the artist/band, their music and the project.  Everybody works differently so every project has a different approach.  I often contribute to the arrangement, lyrics, sound quality/vision, production timeline, production budget and much more.  Simply put, I’m here to help record your music and “make it happen” from start to finish.

Along with production, I am confident with audio recording, editing and mixing.  Programs I am familiar with are Pro-Tools, Logic, and Ableton.  I have a stationary & portable studio with great recording equipment but also work with many professional recording studios around the world.  I love making records in unique spots like cabins, boat houses, churches, beach houses, anywhere to get a vibe.

Let’s make a record!

A selection of artists:

Bryn McCutcheon

Toronto Singer/Songwriter.  Produced her LP ‘Tempest’. Recorded at my studio. 

Danielle Pollari

Thunder Bay Singer-Songwriter. Produced her singles ‘Ain’t Good For Me’ & ‘I Am The Sky’. Recorded at my studio. LISTEN

Nilima Chowdhury

Singer/Songwriter, semi-finalist for The Voice Germany. Produced her Canadian debut EP ‘Nothing Left of Me’. Recorded at Ryerson University Studios.

Ryan Burger

Toronto Singer-Songwriter. Produced his debut LP ‘Everything Must Change’. Recorded at Catherine North StudiosLISTEN

The Famly – Do What You Wanna

Produced Toronto Funk band The Famly’s EP. Recorded at Ryerson University Studios. 

Vibonics – Self Titled Album

Producer & Principle Songwriter for Toronto’s Hip-Hop-Rock band Vibonics. Recorded at my studio.

Chris Noble

Toronto based film composer & musician. Recorded & Mixed by Alfred Chow at Gallery Fontana Swing. 

Katie Young

Toronto singer-songwriter  Produced her single ‘Love Quickie Mart’. Recorded at my studio.

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